Safety for PV power plants you can rely on

The basis for the technical implementation of the system is a professional security concept. This is the only way to achieve maximum safety with minimum effort. Our experienced security experts develop a detailed concept based on a comprehensive catalogue of criteria which is constantly being developed and which cannot be presented in detail here for security reasons.

The viamon safety analysis follows a three-step procedure:

  1. Risk analysis: This includes the layout of the park or facility, the surroundings and the logistical situation. Interviews with the parties involved (if necessary on site) are also important
  2. Risk assessment: The results of the risk analysis are used in conjunction with theft scenarios to define risk zones. In the risk assessment, the potential risks and their acceptance are evaluated in terms of their extent. This creates the basis for determining the type and scope of security measu
  3. Security measures: Here viamon uses a combination of preventive measures, reactive measures and systems as well as measures that support access.

The viamon measures:

Preventive measures: This includes all measures taken to minimise the risk of theft

Reactive measures: If a theft cannot be prevented, reactive measures (alarm plan) and systems (e.g. MDS or other alarm systems) ensure that the situation is brought under control as quickly as possible, thus minimising the effects of the damage event.

Measures that support access: As soon as the removal begins and the authorities are in a hurry, or are later engaged in a search, further measures can support the process, e.g. with data to identify the stolen goods after they have been recovered.

Alarm tracking

Alarm tracking is controlled centrally via the viamon portal. This integrates the security control center and the authorities, who coordinate all further measures in case of theft.


  • Phone
  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Smartphone app
  • service portal for authorities


We calibrate your sensors so that they function properly and do not cause problems. We make sure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Connection of the 24/7 control centre
  • VdS-certified
  • Setting the alarm
  • Confirmation of the alarm
  • Test alarm for acceptance

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, regular tests are carried out with all those involved and responsible.


Insurance is an important part of the overall concept. viamon can gladly support you in communicating with your insurer.

  • Assistance in risk assessment
  • Recommendation of the control centre
  • Claims settlement

viamon would like to support you in all preparations and also afterwards in the best possible way.


The installation of viamon technology includes everything from hardware installation to setting up the contact points.

  • Installation of the hardware
  • Technical acceptance of the system
  • Activation at service portal
  • system calibration
  • Setting up the alarm addressees

The system is then armed and reliably reports thefts.