The viamon MDS-P sensor

(P = Power)

With the MDS-P, the MDS-I sensor has been consistently further developed for stand-alone applications even in robust environments and for maximum flexibility in use. Thanks to a battery pack with 3 Li batteries with a total charging capacity of 10 Ah, the MDS sensor can be operated around the clock, 7 days a week, for up to 4 years. In this mode, the sensor delivers data daily. Due to its compact and robust design it can be used almost everywhere and under the most adverse conditions.

In this way the sensor ensures
reliably objects such as:

  • Inverter
  • Cable reels
  • Storage containers, storage areas
  • Building sites, entrances, rooms
  • isolated critical infrastructures
  • PV power plants, mobile, phone towers
  • Battery storage systems

The viamon MDS-PIR sensor

(PIR = Passive Infra Red Sensor)

MDS-PIR is a sensor for object and perimeter protection that was developed from the combination of viamon’s core technology MDS with 1 to 3 passive infrared sensors (PIR) and a battery pack with very high storage capacity for maximum operating times. The MDS-PIR is typically used where areas or objects are to be protected against access or entry in a high-performance, reliable and cost-effective manner. For this purpose the device only has to be mounted on the object or area. The waterproof housing allows the use in almost any environment. Then the device monitors the object or area autonomously for up to three years due to the high battery capacity. MDS-PIR is used very successfully as perimeter protection to prevent intrusion through a fence.

Also the protection of objects is possible quickly and without problems due to the completely free mounting and the autonomous operation of the sensor and therefore a core application of the MDS-PIR. Here the sensor detects living, moving objects. Smaller living objects (such as small animals) and moving objects from the environment (such as grass) are ignored.

In addition, the sensor signals when it is moved or manipulated. This also detects the theft of the object on which the MDS-PIR is mounted.
Also the entrances in rooms or containers as well as other potential entry points can be monitored easily and in the long term without additional power supply due to the high battery capacity.
The sensor’s Internet-based communication with the my.viamon portal generates an alarm, visualizes the current situation, tracks the object, informs on the basis of an alarm plan (VdS 2465 protocol, SMS, e-mail, smartphone app or mobile phone) and reacts by involving the security forces.
The warning bar can also be switched as an additional actuator to an existing alarm system.

MDS-PIR save objects:

  • Construction site facilities
  • Inputs
  • distant critical
  • Infrastructure
  • Solar systems
  • Container
  • Rooms
  • Mobile phone masts etc.

The viamon MDS-I sensor

(I = Integrated)

The MDS-I is the basic sensor of the viamon technology. This patented device reacts to vibration and changes in position (GPS). If the sensor is moved, it immediately sends an alarm signal via GSM and short-range radio to the viamon GmbH alarm center, which is active around the clock and registers the signal. From there the information is forwarded and the communication chain stored in the alarm plan is activated (VdS 2465 protocol, SMS, e-mail, smartphone app or mobile phone).

The MDS-I is specifically designed for the requirements of the solar industry. It is integrated directly into the module and is not visible from the outside. It can be installed quickly and easily both as a factory installation for new systems and as a retrofit for existing systems. The sensors are mounted on the basis of a sophisticated safety concept that takes into account the specific situation on site as well as the use of other, complementary technologies such as infrared sensors, cameras, etc.

The interaction of the various sensors in a coordinated overall concept dramatically reduces the false alarm rate and ensures a high level of redundancy. Power is supplied by the PV module and a long-life battery as a buffer.
Using GPS, the sensor and thus the stolen objects can be located worldwide. Thus the position of the stolen goods is normally known worldwide and around the clock. This information can then be passed on to the investigating authorities to clarify the crime and to recover the stolen goods. The system has already proven itself many times in domestic and foreign thefts.
The sensor technology can be extended as required, e.g. to record temperature, humidity etc.