“Some people still believe a fence and a camera could stop criminals from stealing.”

We think differently.

„We think differently“ …that was and is our approach:

The company founders, Christina and Oliver Strecke, already had the idea in 2008 to develop a security system with a completely new approach that uses the advantages of the Internet and GPS to protect objects. The starting point was, on the one hand, the founders’ many years of experience with Internet technologies and, on the other hand, the realization that in the solar industry classical security systems, which are primarily based on the use of cameras and protective fences, do not provide sufficient protection and at the same time cause high costs.

So it was obvious to rethink the security of photovoltaic systems completely. The result was a worldwide unique, patented sensor that allows the theft of objects such as solar panels or inverters to be detected in real time and also allows the position of the stolen goods to be detected almost anywhere in the world.

Viamon has systematically completed this basic device in recent years by developing additional sensors such as infrared sensors and jamming detectors. In addition, complementary technologies such as cameras have been combined. Finally, in 2019, the innovative overall system TRAPS was created, which makes it possible to secure photovoltaic systems cost-effectively and at a completely new technological level.

„We think differently“ … and thus create completely new solutions for our customers through completely new approaches.

As we are!

  • Mercilessly customer-oriented
  • Humorous when it comes to our cooperation
  • Humorless when it comes to safety
  • an established company with start-up genes

… and still a bit nerdy.