The viamon warning light with GSM- Monitor

The communication of the various sensors is important for the overall system. Therefore, the functionality of the communication is especially protected and monitored. If, for example, attackers try to interrupt communication in the park by jamming, the GSM monitor integrated in the device detects this and issues an acoustic and optical warning. The jamming detector can be controlled externally by integrating it into the plant’s network and by mobile radio.

The warning bar fulfills an important function in viamon’s overall concept. It provides an optical and acoustic warning signal and is therefore an important component in deterring potential thieves in the early stages of an attempted theft.
When the device is activated by a signal from the sensors, powerful warning lights and flashes (2 x 12 3W LEDs; 2.1 Hz flashes; (blue or yellow)) illuminate. A siren with a maximum sound pressure level of 116 dB(A) sounds unmistakably.