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What does the protection of a PV system cost?

When using viamon’s technology, one can assume that the investment costs for security technology and perimeter protection are the same or lower compared to classic approaches. This applies to existing systems and especially to photovoltaic systems in planning. The running costs are also lower than with classic systems, as the viamon system is maintenance-free and generates almost no false alarms (see below). Every PV system is individual and therefore also your needs. Therefore please contact us and we will make you an offer.

Is the system accepted or rewarded by insurance companies?

The security concept is usually agreed together with the insurance company. This is taken into account when calculating the insurance policy. Depending on the insurer and the solar park, a reduction of the premium and/or the deductible in the event of a claim is made.


Can the system be retrofitted to existing installations?

Retrofitting of PV systems is no problem. Since no earthworks have to be carried out, installation is possible all year round.

Is the retrofit certified?

All our junction boxes comply with the type certifications IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61646:2008. In addition, our module withstands the steam heat test (+85 °C and 85% humidity) for at least 3000 hours in running condition instead of the 1000 hours specified in the standard.

Which module types can be equipped?

So far we have been able to retrofit all module types for our customers.

Who can carry out the conversion?

We carry out the retrofitting ourselves with our unique service mobile. If you are interested in this yourself, please contact

General Information

In which countries does the system work?

Our system can be used worldwide. Our main partner for data transmission is Deutsche Telekom. Via their network we cover 198 countries of the world with 426 roaming networks. Transmission with other network providers is also possible.

What are so called false alarms?

False alarms are alarms that result from a faulty triggering of the system. A good security system should be set up in such a way that operational management is not disturbed and at the same time a valid theft detection is guaranteed. Every faulty alarm has 2 negative consequences: Unnecessary costs are incurred (at the security control centre, at the alarm tracking system, possibly at the police). Future alarms are no longer taken seriously and are therefore not followed up. The alarm threshold is lowered further, weakening the system (Aesop describes this phenomenon in his fable “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf”).

Does the viamon system generate false alarms?

The viamon system generates almost no false alarms. This keeps the running costs for the operation of the entire system as low as possible. At the same time, the system retains meaningfulness and thus each alarm retains its validity. Many common security systems (surveillance cameras, light guides, footfall sound mats, etc.) cannot detect thefts without human assistance. For example, a camera system cannot distinguish a walker from a thief.

Can the system also be used in other areas?

Insurance companies assume that all objects up to 150 kg are potential stolen goods. Therefore, the protection of various objects such as inverters is no problem for us in photovoltaic power plants.