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The securityconcept by viamon

With TRAPS, viamon offers cost-effective and reliable security through a unique combination of video surveillance, property protection sensors and worldwide GPS tracking for PV power plants, construction sites and industrial plants.

viamon’s many years of experience in securing solar plants shows that the optimal securing of solar parks can best be achieved by a sensible combination of different technologies that complement each other in their effects. This is why viamon has developed special vibration, position and infrared sensors that are efficiently combined in the TRAPS concept with classic technologies such as cameras and warning lights with GSM monitor.

This objects can be saved and simultaneously monitored worldwide by viamon via GPS. TRAPS detects intruders at an early stage using infrared sensors – and also scares off potential thieves with cameras, sirens and warning bars.

The number and type of sensors to be used is determined by viamon when creating individual safety concepts. Based on the many years of experience of viamon experts, the concrete topographical situation on site and the design of the system are also used to minimize the number of sensors required and thus the costs incurred. In this way, TRAPS can be used to implement cost-effective and at the same time highly efficient security solutions for every scenario (from the construction phase to operation).

TRAPS includes:

  • Perimeter protection sensors
  • Object protection sensors
  • Jamming detectors
  • global GPS tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Video surveillance

“We secure your plants not only during operation but also already during the construction phase!”