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Naturally, when dealing with security systems many questions arise. This list of frequently asked questions will answer the most common ones.

If you habe further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call or to contact us by e-mail.

Services, Costs & Insurance

Which services are among the portfolio of viamon?

viamon's core product is an electronic GPS-based anti-theft system for Photovoltaik Power Plants. Besides that viamon is offering all services that are necessary to secure a power plant:

  • risk analysis and security concepts (our concepts are not solely based on our technology, but follow a holistic approach to secure a power plant)
  • installation und implementation of security solutions
  • providing a platform to O&M (
  • procurement of security trust centers
  • procurement of private security forces
  • support and consulting when talking with insurance companies and authorities

What about the warranty of the PV modules that were retrofitted?

viamon will talk to the manufacturer and ask if the warranty will be void. If this is the case, viamon will provide a warranty for the PV module equal to the one of the manufacturer.

What does it cost to equip a PV system?

In general you can assume that the investment costs will be at last equal to standard security systems that simply secure the perimeter - however in most cases, it will be lower. Especially when viamon's technology is already considered at a planning stage.

Operating costs are lower than those of standard security systems, since viamon's system is maintenance free and does not produce any false alarms.

If you would like to get to know the details of this calculation, please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

Will insurance companies accept the system and will there be a cost reduction?

Our risk analysis will take place in collaboration with the insurance company. The resulting document is the security concept and it can be part of the insurance policy.

Depending on the insurance and the environment of the PV Power Plant a cost reduction for the insurance policy and/or the deductible is very likely.

What are the running costs?

The system is maintenance free. For the transfer of data yearly costs will occur depending on the size of the installation and the frequency of messages sent.

General Issues

Is the system working in any country?

viamon's anti-theft system can be used worldwide. Our main partner for the transmission of data is Deutsche Telekom. Their network and the network of the partners of Deutsche Telekom provides access to more than 426 roaming networks in 198 countries. In case this is not enough, we can work together with any other network operator.

Check out our references to see the variety of application in different countries.

What are so called "false alarms" or "nuisance alarms"?

A false alarm is e.g. an erroneous report of a theft. A well calibrated security system should produce as few as possible false alarms as possible. At the same time it should report any unusual behaviour with great reliability.

The results of many false alarm are
  • unnecessary costs (as a result of actions taken by security forces and authorities)
  • future alarms might not be taken seriously and occurring thefts might not be pursued immediately (Aesop's story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" describes the phenomenon very well)

Does viamon

viamon's system hardly produces any false alarms. This reduces the operating costs significantly. At the same time the validity of each alarm will remain.

Many standard security systems (video surveillance, laser etc.) cannot detect a thief without human assistance. E.g. a camera system is not able to distinguish a hiker from a thief.

Is the system visible?

No, viamon's technology is hidden inside the junction box and works with several models.

Are there different applications for the system?

Insurance companies consider any object below 150 kg (330 lbs) as a potential target for thieves. Thus for PV Power Plants securing inverters might be an interesting option.

If you are interested in securing inverters, please contact us.


Is the retrofit compliant with any certification?

All our junction boxes comply with the design qualification and type approval of PV-modules in accordance with IEC 61215:2005 and IEC 61646:2008. Our design can endure the Damp-Heat-Test (+85 °C and 85 % humidity) for more than 3.000 hours (while the specification requires only 1.000 hours).

Which PV modules can be retrofitted?

Until now we were able to retrofit any brand and type of our customers' PV systems.

Who can do the retrofitting?

In general the process of retrofitting is executed by our viamon-certified partners. If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us at

Can an existing system be equipped with viamon

Yes, an existing PV system can be equipped with viamon's technology. Since no earthwork operation and alike are necessary a retrofit can be done at any time of the year.

How long does it take to install the system?

A PV Power Plant with a capacity of 1MWp can be retrofitted within a single day.

After the installation the system will be calibrated. This takes about 1-2 weeks (however during this phase it is already capable of detecting theft). After this process the system will be armed.

What will be done after the installation?

After the installation of the hardware the system will be calibrated over the course of 1-2 weeks.

After that the system will be tested together with police forces and the trust center. The test will ensure that any party involved will know exactly what to do in case of an alarm.

In the event of theft

What happens in the event of theft?

For each system the owner can define who will be notified in case an alarm occurs. This can be defined at our online-portal

In most cases an alarm notification will be sent to someone of the maintenance team and to the security control center. The staff of the security control center will then act according to the alarm protocol that was specified earlier. The authorities and/or alarm pursuer will be notified.

Alarms notifications can be send by VdS 2465 protocol, by email, by text-message, ass a smartphone push message or by phone call.

The position of the stolen modules can be tracked with the smartphone app or at our online-portal