Preventive and sustainable theft protection from viamon

viamon produce and sell innovative security systems for photovoltaic plants.

Our self-developed system consists of a combination of different types of sensors that effectively protect all components of your investment. We also offer a full chain of alarm tracking services.

In cooperation with system planners, system operators, the world’s leading insurance companies and manufacturers of photovoltaic components, we secure both large multi-megawatt solar parks and smaller photovoltaic systems worldwide. Our security technology can be integrated quickly and easily into existing and new systems at economical prices. Protection during the construction phase is also possible. Customers worldwide have trusted our theft protection for many years. Please contact us.

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TRAPS, Theft Recon Access Protection System, security concept, perimeter protection sensors, object protection sensors, jamming detectors, worldwide GPS tracking, monitoring, video surveillance

TRAPS combines the advantages of object protection sensors, jamming detectors, worldwide GPS tracking as well as monitoring and video surveillance into a unique security concept.


If there is a break-in, this is detected by our sensors and the alarm chain is triggered. At the same time, there are almost no false alarms.


When it makes sense, we supplement our system with cameras to track possible thieves on the premises.

Object tracking worldwide

Using GPS monitoring, we track the current position of the stolen goods worldwide.

Warning lights & GSM Monitor

The warning bar serves as a deterrent with lights and sirens.

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The MDS-P sensor is designed for all stand-alone applications and with maximum flexibility for outdoor use.

The MDS-PIR sensor combines the viamon core technology MDS with up to 3 passive infrared sensors.

The MDS-I sensor is the basic sensor of viamon technology.

“Our TRAPS security concept combines various security technologies in such a way that an extraordinarily high level of security is achieved at reasonable prices!”

Oliver Strecke, CEO


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