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The core product of viamon's services is its smart anti-theft-technology. With this technology viamon secures existing and new PV Power Plants and PV Installations.


  • not visible from the outside
  • integrated inside the PV module
  • industry grade product
  • GPS for geo fencing and tracking
  • quick installation (optional retrofit)
  • operating worldwide
  • instant alarm on theft (VdS 2465 protocol, text message, e-mail, smartphone app or phone)
  • tracking for a period of around 30 days

The viamon Approach

Security Analysis

The idea of a comprehensive security analysis is to combine all sources available into a single document, that describes the risk and the protection against those risk in detail. It will including all measures that need to be taken like preventative anti-theft protection, securing the perimeter, object-based securing etc.
Main sources for the security analysis will be the following:
  • customer's know-how
  • external data (authorities, satellite imagery etc.)
  • on-site inspection
  • insurance requirements


viamon's installation process includes many aspects, covering anything from the installation of the hardware to the establishing the contact points for emergencies.
  • technical acceptance tests
  • portal activation at
  • calibration of the system
  • integrating security trust centers
After this process the system is activated and will detect any theft with great reliability.


Insuring a system is an important part of the whole concept. Optionally we provide assistance to clients in negotiations with insurance company.
  • risk assessment
  • recommendation of security control center
  • damage regulation


An anti-theft alarm system has to be well configured to prevent unnecessary costs. We make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • connecting the a 24/7 security control centers and monitoring stations
  • VdS-certified
  • setup of alarm triggers
  • implementation of the alarm plan
  • test alarm to test the overall system
To ensure the functionality we are conducting test on a regular basis.

Alarm Pursuit

Our web portal supports security control centers and authorities when pursuing an ongoing crime.
Alarm and status messages via
  • phone
  • text message
  • e-mail
  • smartphone app
  • special access for authorities at

Portal and Smartphone App

The web portal my.viamon displays all data available. Customers can configure alarm notifications. Alarms can be sent via text message, e-mail, smarphone-app or phone call.

viamon's smartphone app displays the status of the system on smartphones and tables.
  • pursuit mode (direction and distance of the stolen goods)
  • alarm signal (even when the phone is switched to "mute")
  • compatible with Android 2.2 and higher